Healthy Life

Affordable Quality: Opportunities and Risks of Developing the Generics Market in Russia

02 Jun , 13:30–14:45
‘Healthy Life’ Programme
Panel session
Pavilion F, Healthy Life Area
Session sponsored by RBC

Trust in a brand, price, quality. These are the key principles of success on any market and the pharmaceutical market is no exception. Boosting the availability and efficiency of drugs is one of the key national healthcare goals, which is precisely why the generics market in Russia is actively growing and developing.
Meanwhile, the share of generics on the pharmaceutical markets of Germany and the United Kingdom is as high as 75%, yet this figure is only 45% in Russia. How can this indicator be increased and how can we meet the demand for high-quality and affordable drugs in Russia?
The domestic generics market remains a promising and significant one for manufacturers, investors, and consumers, but there are some key regulatory issues in pricing, patent laws, and public procurements that need to be addressed to support the sustainable development of this market.

• What resources do companies need in order to develop the production of affordable drugs?
• What mechanisms can help come up with productive solutions when developing the generics market in Russia?
• How can the national healthcare system and the end-user benefit from the expansion of the generic drug line?