Innosocium LAB

Philanthropy and Social Investment in BRICS Countries: Lessons from Partners to Develop the Economy and Social Services

03 Jun , 17:30–18:30
Social agenda
Pavilion G, Innosocium LAB
With the support of the Donors Forum

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the role of civil society and philanthropy in confronting global challenges like never before. Socially responsible business, charitable foundations, and other organizations that provide grants from BRICS countries have made a significant contribution to bolstering the actions that countries are taking to combat the pandemic and have demonstrated their ability to quickly respond to challenges and flexibly adapt to new conditions. What are some of the common social and economic challenges that BRICS countries face? How can socially responsible businesses and philanthropic foundations most effectively engage in cross-sectoral social partnerships? How important are the Sustainable Development Goals to the international philanthropic sector? What role does digitalization play and what new opportunities does it offer for the development of philanthropy after COVID?

Aleksandra Boldyreva, Executive Director, Donors Forum Association

Mariya Vereshchagina, Head of CSR, Tinkoff
Irina Zhukova, Director for Sustainable Development and Corporate Programs, Philip Morris International Inc
Sofia Malyavina, General Director, National Priorities
Priya Naik, Founder and CEO, Samhita Social Ventures
Anna Nesterova, Founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Global Rus Trade (online)
Takalani Netshitenzhe, Chief Officer of Corporate Affairs for Vodacom Group, Executive Director in Vodacom South Africa, and Chairperson of the Vodacom Foundation