Innosocium LAB

Taking Responsible Care of Pets. Experience and Perspectives

03 Jun , 10:30–11:30
Social agenda
Pavilion G, Innosocium LAB
With the support of Mars Incorporated

The world is not only becoming more creative and attentive to humans, but is also striving to become more friendly to the environment and animals, which have been companions for human civilization since time immemorial. Creative ecology, cultural diversity, and responsible consumption are all forcing modern people to reconsider their attitude to their lifestyles and take more responsible, environmentally friendly, and humanistic approaches.
The number of cats and dogs in Russia is on the rise today, and there has been a significant shift in attitudes towards pets, as owners become more and more responsible. According to a Mars Petcare study, 59% of Russian families have a cat or a dog today, and the number of pets has increased by 23% over the past three years. Almost 90% of owners view their pets as a family member, friend, or child. The pet care industry is developing, legislation on the responsible treatment of animals is being refined, and their owners are becoming more concerned about the availability of services and a comfortable urban environment. There has been greater attention to interaction between people and pets and the benefits that it provides in terms of improving physical and mental health. Responsible breeding and affordable, high-quality veterinary care have ceased to be a prerogative of the professional community and are becoming the subject of broad-ranging public discussion.
● How is urban infrastructure being transformed, taking into account the changing role of pets in people’s lives? What pet-friendly innovations can Russian cities adopt from Western countries?
● How can we encourage greater responsibility and awareness in dealing with animals?
● What legislative changes can we expect in terms of the government regulation of the treatment of pets?
● What measures can be taken to reduce animal homelessness?

Ramaz Chiaureli, Radio presenter Kommersant FM

Ali Aliev, First Deputy Director, Veterinary Directorate of St. Petersburg
Innokentiy Dementyev, Deputy General Director, Presidential Grants Foundation
Artem Metelev, Chairman of the Council, Association of Volunteer Centers; Founder, DOBRO.RU
Alexander Sinyak, Vice President, Russian Kynological Federation
Anastasia Timoshina, Corporate Affairs Director, Mars Petcare Russia

Front row participants
Irina Zhiltsova, Deputy CEO of the Roscongress Foundation, Co-owner of the Center for Adaptive Riding
Maria Lezhneva, Director, Animal Welfare Association
Sergei Lepnukhov, Director Corporate Affairs, Royal Canin Russia and Belarus
Bela Liauv, Project office leader, ANO “Moi Raion”