Innosocium LAB

World Cafe. Creative Industries – Breakthrough Vector

03 Jun , 17:00–19:00
Creative Business Forum
Congress Centre, business breakfast hall E12

One hundred years ago, members of what we now call creative industries looked at Russia as the source of everything that was contemporary, advanced, and influential. Something that should be appreciated, copied, and developed. Why is everything so different today? It’s hard to believe that talents are no longer being born in Russia. And it’s not just a matter of material support, but an atmosphere that holds back the spirit of innovation.

Where does Russia have the opportunity to become the best in the world? How do we shape the creative environment? Who is capable of producing a domestic creative product? How can we help young people join the ranks of creative entrepreneurs? How can we help established professionals find themselves in the growing cultural markets? How does one make the transition from inspiration to innovation?

Creative industry leaders and representatives of government, business, and educational institutions will find answers to these questions as they work in groups in the world café format. There will be a lively discussion whose results will form the basis of the final documents of the Creative Business Forum. A joint discussion will help formulate breakthrough ideas to form a ‘breakthrough vector’ for creative industries in Russia and to identify principles and key projects to change the situation.