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The Strategy of Innovations: How Ecosystems Help Technologies to Grow

04 Jun , 16:00–17:00
Pavilion G, Innovation Space

The focus on creating ecosystems is a modern trend in the sharing economy. According to forecasts by McKinsey, around 30% of global corporate income will be generated by digital business ecosystems by 2025. Establishing innovative ecosystems will benefit all relevant stakeholders in the process of developing innovation: from major companies which will be the first to access cutting-edge technology to start-ups which will acquire new target markets, thereby stimulating the economy.
The business models of major tech companies show how crucial the task of building ecosystems is to success. Nowadays it’s not only leading tech companies and banks transforming into ecosystems; other business sectors are actively developing digital technology, creating their own platforms or joining up with existing ones on the market. Why should companies share their know-how and build an open ecosystem? Are home-grown accelerators and incubators effective? How can start-ups help find ideas and make it to the level of a large business? And most importantly, how do ecosystems help technologies to flourish?

Nadezhda Grosheva, RBC

Dmitry Dyrmovsky, Chief Executive Officer, Speech Technology Center
Anna Mikhina, Vice President, Head of Ecosystem Services Development Department, Tinkoff Bank
Elena Myakotnikova, Member of the Board of Directors, PEF Version, SV Air Bloom
Igor Runets, General Director, Bitriver Rus
Artur Yusupov, Head, Chairman of the Board, Moi Bizness Association of Entrepreneurship Development Institutes