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Smart City: Will Technologies or People Create the Cities of the Future?

04 Jun , 09:15–10:15
Pavilion G, Innovation Space

Experts predict that in ten years we will be fully immersed in the Internet of Things (IoT) and that we will be building the high-tech cities of the future. ‘Smart’ devices will not only be able carry out the requests of their owners, but also anticipate their desires. Thanks to BIM (building information modelling) technologies, approaches to building houses and designing urban infrastructure will transform. Artificial intelligence will serve as the brain for entire apartment buildings, monitoring their inhabitants and managing electronic devices. Cities will be personalized in the same manner as apartment interiors, clothing and social circles. How can Big Data turn metropolises into tech-oriented cities? How can technologies and services improve the mobility of residents and the quality of transportation? How can new forms of public space be built, where tradition is augmented by innovative solutions? What can best practices from global capitals bring to the effective development of ‘smart city’ infrastructure in Russia?

Ignat Bushukhin, Editor-in-Chief, RBC Real Estate

Andrey Kuzyaev, President, Member of the Board of Directors, ER-Telecom Holding
Henrik Frank Nielsen, Senior Vice President, Head of Insulation North East Europe, ROCKWOOL Group
Nikita Stasishin, Deputy Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation
Gennadiy Shcherbina, General Director, Etalon Group of Companies