Innovation space

Electric Transport: How Innovations are Transforming Big Cities

02 Jun , 15:00–16:00
Pavilion G, Innovation Space

Transport and the way we get around must undergo a radical transformation in the decade ahead. In terms of scale, the current changes are comparable to those that followed the invention of internal combustion engine. The transport system will be faced with a range of challenges, including modernizing and tailoring existing transport infrastructure to new regulations, scaling down the number of vehicles, and changing the habits and behaviours of users. Market players and government officials must develop a joint strategy based on sustainable models to develop the transport sector in the medium and long-term.
What will city transport look like in the near future? What technologies are capable of making transport systems safer, greener and more mobile? How will new mobility change the habits of city dwellers?

Pavel Demidovich,

Polina Davidova, Executive Director, Digital Transport and Logistics Association
Anton Kulbachevsky, Head, Moscow Department for Environmental Management and Protection
Dmitriy Lashin, CEO and Founder, L-Charge
Nikolai Legkodimov, Partner, Head of Technology Consulting, KPMG in the CIS
Anatoliy Smorgonskiy, General Director, Gett in Russia