Innovation space

A Fundamentally New Approach to Manufacturing Consumer Goods: Reality or Fantasy?

02 Jun , 13:15–14:15
Pavilion G, Innovation Space
In partnership with Proekt 111

We hear about innovations in sales every day: online emerges, offline fights back and introduces new technologies, and the battle for the consumer is waged across every byte of the digital space.
Production methods, however, remain largely traditional. A brand creates a limited number of designs internally, produces large runs of finished products, adds mark-ups to them based largely on the strength of its image, and ships them for offline and online distribution. The unsold goods then go to discount outlets or are disposed of, and the cycle begins again.
How should we approach contemporary trends like lean production, production on demand, environmental care, responsible consumption, customization, and the need for self-expression?
How can we provide consumers with the opportunity to support concepts they value and demonstrate that support, offering unlimited freedom of choice and independence from a ‘big brand’ vision of the world?
How can we support creators of brands from different cities and regions and create jobs for talented people where they live?
What advantages do Russian manufacturers have, even if they can’t compete with Asia on price?
What is the best strategy for responding to consumer demand for speed at all costs?

Andrey Degtyarenko, Сhairman of the Board of Directors, Proekt 111