SPIEF Junior

New Meanings and Values in Education

03 Jun , 12:00–13:30
Panel discussion
SPIEF Junior, courtyard

In the current era of rapidly changing world trends as well as increasing global challenges and threats, special significance has been attached to issues related to realizing human potential, in which the transformation of education and its meanings and values plays a key role.
Flexibility and adaptability in education are keywords that dictate the impending trend of providing quality education to students. Considering that each student is unique and has a different set of strengths and capabilities, flexible learning models are what will greatly benefit students in the future.
During the session, we will address futuristic trends in education that will shape the path of world education, find out how the function and role of education is viewed in the eyes of the younger generation, and discuss whether new potential can be utilized with existing capacities and how to find the right balance between modernization and the destruction of what has been gained.

Discussion topics
- Key skills for the development of future leaders;
- How can the potential of each person be maximized while satisfying the demands of society and the economy?
- What role does the younger generation assign to the educational process in building a successful trajectory of development?
- Traditional institutions and digital educational platforms: competition or an area for cooperation?
- Initiatives for change. How are new technologies, online platforms, and digitalization processes currently altering approaches to education, and which universities and countries lead the way in terms of digital educational services.
- Who is responsible for the most vulnerable members of our society and whose voice matters?

Dmitry Zemtsov, Vice Rector for Development, Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU); Head of the National Technology Initiative Working Group for the Development of Supplementary and Non-Formal Education, Kruzhok Movement

Dmitry Krutov, General Director, Skillbox
Marina Rakova, Head of Digital Educational Platforms Tribe, Vice President, Sberbank
Tamara Solovykh, Deputy Director; Director, Staff Assessment and Training Directorate, HR Department, Rosneft Oil Company
Georgy Solovyov, General Director, Co-Founder, Skyeng
Elena Shmeleva, Head, Talent and Success Foundation; Member of the Presidential Council for Science and Education