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PSK Pharma Limited trade development (PSK Pharma Ltd.)
General Partner

PSK Pharma (part of Rus Biopharm Group) is a fully integrated bio-pharmaceutical company. The manufacturing units are located in Dubna.

In small molecules business, company has dedicated facility for manufacturing most of its Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. These APIs are further used to make formulations in seven different forms of formulations.

In biotech, company has one of the best product portfolio in the country, with 5 biotech products already in the market and 7 more at various stages of registration. The company has a state of art formulation unit, and a Drug Substance unit will be ready by June of 2023, making it fully integrated biotech manufacturer.

PSK Pharma is undisputed leader in Asthma and COPD segment in Russia, having 17 inhalation products in its portfolio. The company has launched 12 «first generics» in Russia and would continue to launch the first generics in Russia for the products that are termed as «complex generics». Apart from inhalation segment, PSK Pharma manufacturers products for treatment of Oncology, Auto-immune disorders, HIV, TB, GI and CNS.

Since 2017, PSK Pharma has invested 4 Billion Rubles in its development. Another 6 Billion Rubles would be invested in expansion from 2023 till end 2025.

The Federal Medical-Biological Agency (FMBA)
Intellectual Partner for Medical Science

FMBA of Russia is a federal executive body that performs the functions of legal regulation in the field of medical and sanitary support for employees of certain sectors of the economy with especially dangerous working conditions, organization of medical and biological support for athletes of sports teams, provision of public services and management of state property in health care, including the provision of medical care, the organization of the activities of the blood service, federal state control (supervision) over ensuring the safety of donor blood and its components, the implementation of federal state sanitary and epidemiological control (supervision) in organizations of certain industries and in certain territories of the Russian Federation, including at the facilities and territories of ZATOs, including the functions of providing medical and sanitary support to employees of organizations and the population of the served territories and organizing medical and social examination of employees of organizations and the population of the served territories.

Veronika Skvortsova - Head of the Federal Medical-Biological Agency

Center for Strategic Initiatives of FMBA (Autonomous Non-Profit Organization Center for Strategic Initiatives of FMBA)
Intellectual Partner for Medical Science

биологического агентства в 2021 году. Центр занимается распространением и продвижением инновационных технологий и фармацевтических продуктов, разрабатываемых сетью учреждений ФМБА России.

Полномасштабная кампания Центра стратегических инициатив ФМБА направлена на оптимизацию и модернизацию процессов в сфере здравоохранения и медицинских технологий, в частности реализацию проектов цифровизации здравоохранения. The Autonomous Non-Profit Organization Center for Strategic Initiatives of FMBA was formed under the aegis of the Federal Medical Biological agency in 2021. The Center is engaged in distribution and promotion of innovation tehnology and pharmaceutical products developed by the network of institutions of the FMBA of Russia.

Full-scale campaign of Center for Strategic Initiatives of FMBA is aimed to optimizing and modernizing processes in the healthcare area and medical tehnology, in particular to implementing healthcare digitalization projects.

Nikita Odintsov - Director of the Center for Strategic Initiatives of FMBA

Skolkovo Foundation
Healthy Life Project Partner


Skolkovo is the biggest innovation center in Russia. It plays a prominent role in strengthening the foundation of the national economy. Skolkovo ecosystem is a suite of specialized customer-centered services and relevant support measures for innovative industries: from acceleration and support programs from private investors and university-based startups, to overseas patenting and customs clearance for export/import operations. Skolkovo Technopark is the largest industrial park in Eastern Europe. Skoltech, Skolkovo’s ‘science core’, in 2021 was among the best young universities worldwide, according to Nature Index, ranking 65th, and for the first time Skoltech took the 35th place in physics.

Igor Drozdov - Chairman of the Board, Skolkovo Foundation

MAYRVEDA Kislovodsk 5
Healthy Life Project Partner

MediSpa MAYRVEDA Kislovodsk 5* is a member of Healing Hotels of the World best resort association and is a MayrPrevent licensed Mayr Medicine center. The unique concept of Russia’ only MediSpa hotel is based on the postulates of Mayr therapy, Ayurveda and traditional Caucasian Mineral Waters treatment. The aim of the concept is purification of the system, diagnostics and prophylaxis of diseases. One of the primary means of detoxification is the 6-level diet of haute cuisine restaurant MAYRVEDA Kitchen, which serves highest quality food. MediSpa’s lectures and workshops teach guests healthy feeding patterns. The guests get leading doctor’s consultations, a comlpex diagnostics using state-of-the-art technologies, medical and SPA-treatments. 7+ days programmes can be complemented with various modules and check-ups for the best scrutiny of your health.

EIRINE Jewelry House
Healthy Life Project Partner

EIRINE Jewelry House is a unique project of the jewelry expert, designer, owner of the jewelry brand and gemologist Irina Shamilova.

Over the thirteen years of its existence, the EIRINE brand, which started as a small jewelry production business and then was reorganized into a Jewelry House, has gathered a talented team of designers, gemologists and jewelry technicians, opened two production companies in Russia, developed and patented innovative technological solutions. The EIRINE team coordinates its clients' investments in gemstones and unique jewelry.

Four exclusive EIRINE collections stand up to comparison with the best world-class jewelry and reflect the latest fashion trends of our time.

EIRINE Jewelry House works closely with other organizations in different sectors of economy and business

Irina Shamilova - Founder and owner of EIRINE Jewelry House, chief designer, jewelry expert, gemologist.

Kivach Clinic
Healthy Life Area Participant

Kivach Clinic

ZAO Medical and Preventive Care Institution of Natural Health Improvement “Klinika Kivach” is a long-time leader in the health resort field in Russia that focuses on body cleanse and natural health improvement. It is a frequent winner of Russian and European awards in the “Best Detox Clinic”, “Best Anti-Age Clinic” categories, one of the leaders of the “Top 100 of Russian Health Resorts” rating, as well as received the Recognized by EFQM 5 Star certificate.

Kivach Clinic is a multi-disciplinary medical facility. Through its 25 years of experience it has acquired vast experience and knowledge and developed unique methods that help treat chronic diseases through body cleanse.

Aleksandra Ulich - CEO of ZAO Medical and Preventive Care Institution of Natural Health Improvement “Klinika Kivach”

Healthy Life Area Participant

MyGenetics has been generating personal recommendations aimed to maintain health based on DNA analysis since 2013.

Genetic researches are involved in vital health solutions: personal diet rations, comfortable weight maintenance, skin procedures, sport exercises, detoxification system, stress and anxiety reduction, vitamins correct forms and dosages etc.

Genetic scientists, molecular biologists and medical practitioners are working on DNA report recommendations.

Personal report is designed as a glossy magazine, printed version on demand. MyGenetics DNA tests include an online consultation with company experts who assist to understand the report details, adjust lifestyle and answer all questions.

MyGenetics services are used by both private clients and medical centers, clinics, medical practitioners, nutritionists, fitness centers and wellbeing-companies.

Vladimir Volobuev - Director of MyGenetics, techpreneur.

The First Line
Healthy Life Area Participant

The First Line is an innovative resort on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, where the Leaders of the future are taught to manage health and age.

Biohacking, doctors as mentors, cellular renewal, biological age determination, VR technologies and modern art - you will immerse yourself in the world of medicine of the future and self-care.

At the resort, modern methods of wellness are combined with a wellness environment and premium service.Most suitable wellness program will be selected based on your request: prolongation of youth and weight loss, renewal at the cellular level, recovery of mental well-being.

This year, the First Line turns 5 years old. More than 16,000 people have already changed their lives with us! Become a visionary regarding your health at the prevention resort First Line!

Maria Grudina - Ideologist and founder of the resort "First Line. Health Care Resort", an expert in the field of wellness and prevent age in Russia.

LLC «RK Group»
Healthy Life Area Participant

Raymed Trading Group was founded in 2000 by CEO Rajeev Kumar with four employees and is now the leading distributor among the top 5 for cardiac devices in Russia.

Raymed Trading Group started the development of endovascular surgery sector in Russia as a distributor and now expanded to its own production.

LLC «RK Group» is the first Russian broadscale project aimed at replacing imported medical products by domestically manufactured ones and implemented in the territory of the Chechen Republic. The factory is equipped with high-end quality control systems.

A newly opened facility in the Chechen Republic launched the process of replacing foreign medical products for endovascular surgery and minimally invasive surgical interventions with goods of the Russian origin. This has a positive impact on the economy and enhances the quality and efficiency in providing high-tech medical care.

RK GROUP protects the patients from possible damage caused in the result of poor-quality goods with general liability insurance.

RK GROUP team led by Mr. Rajeev Kumar is focused on increasing production and developing new business streams.

Rajeev Kumar - CEO