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Russian Environmental Operator (REO)
Eco Partner

Russian Environmental Operator (REO) is a state-owned company established by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation for the purpose of the formation of a federal waste management system. Its purposes also include the reduction of generation of waste and the development of waste processing infrastructure, the provision of industrial investment support, the involvement of waste in economic circulation, the creation of a new environmental culture among the population and the promotion of separate waste collection. By 2030, 100% of generated waste in Russia will be sorted, and the amount of waste that ends up on landfills will be reduced by half. The development of the circular economy will allow the recycled waste to be used in the construction of roads and buildings, in agriculture and other industries.

SPIEF Exhibition Partner

Bank “ROSSIYA” is one of the largest ones in the country, it is among the top 15 lenders in terms of net assets value and was founded in 1990 in Saint Petersburg. The Bank has the highest ratings issued by Russian rating agencies RAEX and ACRA.

The Bank is present in more than 30 regions of the country. Nowadays the Bank has 22,000 corporate and over 600,000 private clients.

At present the Bank’s activities are aimed at providing services to the largest enterprises in different regions of the Russian Federation, financing the key industries of the Russian economy and implementing large-scale investment projects. Various enterprises engaged in different industries – fuel and energy and military-industrial complexes, scientific and technical area, aeronautics industry and shipbuilding, etc. – use the products and services provided by the Bank.

Bank “ROSSIYA” was among the first to develop and implement the national payment system.

National Partner

JSC AVTOVAZ is the largest automotive OEM in Russia. More than 30 million vehicles of 50 various models have been output since 1970.

The LADA vehicles' share approximates to 30% of the Russian car fleet and 40% of the Russian automotive market. In Russia the LADA Brand has the largest official network coverage with more than 300 dealerships, while 17 countries of export being the LADA export geography worldwide.

Maxim Sokolov - Since May 23, 2022 Maxim Sokolov is the President & CEO of JSC AVTOVAZ.

B1 Group
Business Networking Platform Partner

B1 Group is a group of companies offering a full range of professional services, covering assurance, strategy, technology, consulting, transactions, tax, law and business support. In over 30 years in Russia and 20 years in Belarus, we have assembled a strong team of professionals with broad expertise and a wealth of experience in delivering challenging projects. B1 Group is based in ten cities: Moscow, Minsk, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, St. Petersburg, Togliatti and Vladivostok. We help clients find new solutions, grow, transform and operate their business as well as strengthen their financial and human capital.

Marchello Gelashvili - B1 Group Managing Partner

Educational Partner

Denis'School is the largest Russian private educational company, specializing in corporate trainings of 11 foreign languages, for Russian business and government organizations. Based on 30 years of experience in Russia and in CIS countries, the company has a team of over 750 certified teachers, including 200 native teachers, and is constantly developing its innovative online platform JetClass (included in the Russian software register of the Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation). Denis'School is the only company that provides its corporate clients with a financial guarantee of the learning results. The company's portfolio of learning solutions is focused on the internationalization of Russian business, advanced trainings of teachers in Russian schools and universities, the development of the hospitality industry in the regions of the Russian Federation, etc. Commissioned by the Federal Agency for Nationalities of the Russian Federation, Denis'School is currently developing the most modern online school of Russian language as a foreign language. Denis'School is the official Educational Partner of the Roscongress Foundation.

Edward Baldakov - Chief Executive Officer Denis’School

Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI)
Networking Area Partner

Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute working in the Arctic since 1920 and in Antarctica since 1956. Our scientists stood at the origins of polar research, many of them gave the name for the geographical objects in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. It's us who discovered the Vostok lake and the Lomonosov and Mendeleev ridges.

Today AARI continues unravelling the secrets of our planet in Arctic and Antarctic as a state scientific center. The Institute is a full-cycle organization. We do everything: from obtaining data from our observatories and conducting exploratory, fundamental, expeditionary research to data processing, mapping and forecasts. Our most important applied task in Arctic is to ensure safe navigation along the Northern Sea Route'.

Aleksandr Makarov - Director of Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI)

Astra Group
Networking Area Partner

Astra Group of Companies is a leading Russian manufacturer of infrastructure software, whose products and solutions are used in state corporations and concerns, industrial enterprises and critical information infrastructure facilities, executive authorities, healthcare and education. Astra CG software solutions are found listed in the register of the Ministry of Digital Development.

Today, the Astra Group ecosystem is a reliable stack of system and application software and services based on the secure Astra Linux operating system in server, desktop and mobile versions.

The vendor's portfolio also includes Brest virtualization system software suite, Tedmidesk VDI manager, RuBackup complex, Tantor DBMS management platform, WorksPad secure mobile workplace, ALD Pro infrastructure administrator, RuPost corporate mail management system, DCImanager, VMmanager and BILLmanager virtual infrastructure management platforms.

Currently, the company employs moreover 1000 highly skilled developers & technical support specialists.

Ilya Sivtsev - CEO of Astra Group of Companies

About Afreximbank
Networking Area Partner

African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) is a Pan-African multilateral financial institution mandated to finance and promote intra-and extra-African trade. For 30 years, the Bank has been deploying innovative structures to deliver financing solutions that support the transformation of the structure of Africa’s trade, accelerating industrialization and intra-regional trade, thereby boosting economic expansion in Africa. A stalwart supporter of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA), Afreximbank has launched a Pan-African Payment and Settlement System (PAPSS) that was adopted by the African Union (AU) as the payment and settlement platform to underpin the implementation of the AfCFTA. Working with the AfCFTA Secretariat and the AU, the Bank is setting up a US$10 billion Adjustment Fund to support countries to effectively participate in the AfCFTA. At the end of 2022, Afreximbank’s total assets and guarantees stood at over US$31 billion, and its shareholder funds amounted to US$5.2 billion. The Bank disbursed more than US$86 billion between 2016 and 2022. Afreximbank has investment grade ratings assigned by GCR (international scale) (A), Moody’s (Baa1), Japan Credit Rating Agency (JCR) (A-) and Fitch (BBB). Afreximbank has evolved into a group entity comprising the Bank, its impact fund subsidiary called the Fund for Export Development Africa (FEDA), and its insurance management subsidiary, AfrexInsure, (together, “the Group”).

Networking Area Partner

Datapax is a Russian developer of a digital mobility management platform - an innovative tool for public transport management in cities and regions. The platform provides an integrated approach to passenger transport organisation during transport reforms in regions.

Datapax services are operated in more than 40 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. In 2023, the Datapax platform was implemented in the Kursk and Yaroslavl regions when a new transportation model was being launched.

Aleksey Ostrenin - Datapax Chief Executive Officer, speaker at the biggest Russian and international conferences.

Delo Group
Networking Area Partner

Delo Group is the largest Russian transport and logistics holding, which owns and operates a network of marine and railway container terminals, a fleet of containers and container flatcars, and an in-house fleet of vessels.

The Group’s stevedoring business includes DeloPorts holding (container and grain terminals in Novorossiysk) and Global Ports, Russia’s leading operator of container terminals (terminals in the Baltic and the Far East of Russia). Delo Group’s transportation and logistics business comprises multimodal transport operator Ruscon and Russia’s largest railway container operator TransContainer. Sakhalin Shipping Company (SASCO) makes up Delo Group’s shipping business. The Group's strategic IT integrator is DeloTech.

During the 30 years of its existence Delo Group has invested about $2.1 billion in the development of infrastructure of the country.

Delo Group implements charity programs and initiatives to support demography and sports.

Sergey Shishkarev - Председатель Совета директоров ГК «Дело»

Networking Area Partner

Kaspersky is a global cybersecurity company working in the field of cybersecurity since 1997. Kaspersky’s deep threat intelligence, longstanding security expertise and innovative security solutions is constantly transforming into innovative security solutions and services to protect businesses, critical infrastructure, governments and consumers around the globe. The company’s comprehensive security portfolio includes leading endpoint protection, a number of specialized security solutions and services to fight sophisticated and evolving digital threats and to create cyberimmune spaces. Our technologies protect over 400 million users and 240,000 corporate clients in 200 countries and contribute to our mission – providing safety of our clients all over the world. Over 400 million users are protected by Kaspersky technologies and we help 240,000 corporate clients protect what matters most to them.

Eugene Kaspersky - CEO, Kaspersky

The Movement of the First
Networking Area Partner

The Movement of the First is the largest children's and youth association in Russia.

It has millions of members all over the country, works in 12 areas and promotes values that are close to everyone: life and dignity, patriotism, kindness and justice, creative work and strong family.

The Movement of the First helps children and teenagers spend their free time for the benefit of themselves and the country, creates opportunities for comprehensive personal development and helps them take first steps in their career.

Participants of the Movement of the First are school and university students aged 6 to 18.

Grigory Gurov - Chairman of the Board of the All-Russian public-state movement of children and youth «Movement of the first»

Networking Area Partner

RNKB Bank (PJSC) is one of the largest financial institutions with 100% state participation in the Southern Federal District. Its reliability is confirmed by high credit ratings from independent rating agencies ACRA and Expert RA.

Banking Group RNKB Bank (PJSC) serves 85 thousand enterprises and offers legal entities a full range of financial services, which includes all types of lending, leasing, factoring, placement of funds, bank guarantees, investment and project financing in various areas of economic activity, support for financial activities etc.

RNKB Bank (PJSC) participates in the implementation of strategic projects of federal and regional significance and invites the investment community to cooperate for the successful development of business in the Southern Federal District.

PJSC “Rostelecom”
Networking Area Partner

PJSC “Rostelecom” is Russia’s largest integrated provider of digital services and solutions, with presence in all market segments and covering millions of households, governmental and private organizations.

The Company maintains leading positions in the market of high-speed Internet access and PayTV services, with some 11 million Internet subscribers using fiber connections, and some 11 million Rostelecom PayTV subscribers of which over 6.4 million subscribers use IPTV services.

Rostelecom is an unquestionable leader on the market of telecommunications services for Russian public authorities and corporate users of all levels.

The Company is a widely recognized technology leader in offering innovative solutions for electronic government, cybersecurity, data center and cloud-based services, biometrics, healthcare, education, house maintenance and utility services.

The Russian Football Union (RFU)
Networking Area Partner

The Russian Football Union (RFU) is a Russian national public organization football sports federation. The RFU activities are primarily aimed at the football development and popularization in the Russian Federation. The RFU is the only organization recognized by FIFA and UEFA that provides control over the development of football in Russia.

The RFU organizes and conducts football events in all its varieties at the national level (the Russian Premier League, the Russian Cup, the Russian Super Cup, etc., mini-football, beach soccer, women’s soccer, youth competitions, football for people with disabilities), formats and trains sports national teams of the country, increases the role of football in the comprehensive, harmonious development of the individual, strengthening the health of citizens and the formation of a healthy lifestyle.

Founded: 1912/1992

UEFA affiliation: 1954

FIFA affiliation: 1912/1946/1992

1956 - The victory of the USSR national team at the Olympic Games in Melbourne.

1960 - The victory of the USSR national team at the first European Championship.

1964 – The presentation of the Ballon d'Or (Golden Ball) award to the best player in Europe - goalkeeper of the USSR national team Lev Yashin.

1998 – European champions in mini-football

2008 - The third place of the Russian national team at the European Championship

2011, 2013, 2021 – Beach Soccer World Champions

PJSC Sovcombank
Networking Area Partner

PJSC Sovcombank — Russian fast growing universal bank with total assets of 1,9 trln rubles — #3 privately-owned bank in Russia by total assets . Sovcombank is designated a systemically important credit institution by the Central Bank of Russia. With more than 2,600 offices, Sovcombank operates one of the largest (#3) retail distribution networks in Russia. Bank has vast experience and expertise in corporate and investment banking and long track-record of successful M&A deals on Russian financial market. Also Bank is the issuer of «Halva» card that is the first installment card on Russian credit card market with more than 9,5 mln cardholders and 250 000 accredited merchants in partnership network. Credit ratings by national scale ACRA — «AA-», «stable», «RAEX» — «ruАA», «stable», «NCR» — «АА-»,


Dmitry Gusev - Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of Management Board, PJSC Sovcombank

Networking Area Partner

T1 is a multi-profile holding company, one of the leaders of the Russian IT market, a partner of key manufacturers and developers. The company begins its history in 1992. There are over 16,000 employees. In 2022 the holding's turnover amounted to 166,7 billion rubles.

T1 provides a full range of IT services for the implementation of high-tech projects, taking into account the industry specifics of customers. The holding consists of several clusters: T1 (T1 Integration, T1 Consulting, T1 Cloud, Servionica), PRO (products and partnerships), MultiCarta, Innotech and Datatech. They have expertise in system integration, consulting, software development, Big Data and machine learning, IT outsourcing, processing, information security, robotization of routine operations, process analytics Process Mining, the Internet of Things, etc.

Holding’s customers are government agencies and the largest companies in key sectors of the economy: telecom operators, financial organizations, industrial, fuel and energy, transport and trade enterprises.

Игорь Калганов

PhosAgro Group
Networking Area Partner

PhosAgro Group is among the global leaders in the production of phosphate-based mineral fertilizers and high-grade phosphate rock.

Free of concentrations of cadmium and other toxic substances that are hazardous to human health and soils, PhosAgro’s high-performance fertilizers are used to grow environmentally friendly crops in some 100 countries around the world.

The Company’s strategic priority is the Russian market, where for many years it has been a leader in the supply of all types of fertilizers and has acted as a guarantor of national food security.

In 2022, the Company ramped up its support for social and charitable projects by nearly 150%, to a record RUB 12.9 billion. In addition, PhosAgro’s tax payments increased by 50%, to over RUB 59 billion.

Over the next five years, PhosAgro plans to invest more than RUB 250 billion, including nearly RUB 67 billion in 2023, an increase of 6% over last year’s record capex.

Mikhail Rybnikov - CEO, member of the Management Board, and member of the Board of Directors of PJSC PhosAgro