Business programme

The Investment Potential of Russia’s Creative Industries

15 Jun , 11:00–12:15
The Russian Economy: From Adaptation to Growth
Congress Centre, zone D, VEB.RF conference hall D2
In partnership with VK

By 2030, the share of creative industries in the Russian economy is expected to rise to 6%, while that of people employed in creative occupations looks to go up to 15%. Creative industries span a wide range of sectors, from music and filmmaking to advertising and gaming. On the one hand, this sector is extending its market player reach and engaging more and more people throughout the country by developing digital platforms and making them more accessible. On the other hand, this industry is actively attracting investment from business, the state and independent investors. Who are the investors in creative industries? Do these investments produce any returns? Is there need for investment in the digital content industry? Who could become an investor in digital content today? Which digital content segments are particularly appealing to investors today?

Sergey Minaev, Writer, Screenwriter, Journalist, Television and Radio Host

Timur Vaynshteyn,
Nikolay Duksin, Director for Music Services, VK
Vyacheslav Dusmukhametov, Producer, Media Manager, Digital and TV Content Creator
Максим Iksanov, General Director, News Media
Stepan Kovalchuk, Senior Vice President for Media Strategy and Service Development, VK
Artemy Lebedev, Founder, Art. Lebedev Studio
Vladimir Nikolaev, General Producer, Voronezh Animation Studio (Wizart Animation)
Maksim Rybakov, Deputy General Director for Production, CTC Media