Business programme

On the Road to Recycling: From Waste to Resources

15 Jun , 09:00–10:15
The Russian Economy: From Adaptation to Growth
Pavilion G, conference hall G1

According to global statistics, a staggering 80% of consumer goods worldwide are discarded within a mere six months of production. In Russia, the production of waste has more than doubled over the past decade, with an annual increase of 0.4 million hectares. The internal threats to ecological well-being have underscored the urgent need for a transformation in the waste management system, as a vital prerequisite for sustainable development within the country. The ongoing waste management reform in Russia seeks to establish an authentic model that not only considers the geographical, climatic, ecological, and landscape peculiarities of different regions, but also draws upon the historical aspect by incorporating the valuable lessons learned from the Soviet era's processing system. The integrated framework of the modern Russian waste management system fosters new interrelations among key societal stakeholders, including the state, business sector, and civil society. This framework not only entails state regulations, infrastructure development, and scientific and technological advancements but also encompasses environmental education initiatives, the promotion of eco-industries, and the nurturing of human resources. What has already been done and what is to be done to develop the reform? Business motivation: how does the state help implement the principles of the "waste management reform"? Economics and ecology: what infrastructure is needed to turn waste into resources?

Andrey Sharonov, Chief Executive Officer, National ESG-Alliance

Victoria Abramchenko, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
Denis Butsayev, General Director, Russian Environmental Operator Public Law Company
Kan Zaw, Union Minister of Investment and Foreign Economic Relations of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Mikhail Karisalov, Chairman of the Management Board, Chief Executive Officer, SIBUR
Vitaly Korolev, Deputy Head, Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation
Evgeny Mikhailov, Chairman of the Board of Directors, EcoLine Group

Front row participants
Samah Alhajeri, Director of Cooperatives and Strategic Reserve Department, Ministry of Economy United Arab Emirates
Vladimir Vladimirov, Governor of the Stavropol Territory
Alina Zagitova, Olympic Figure Skating Champion
Aleksandr Kogan, Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on Ecology, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection
Artem Sedov, General Director, The Big Three (Bolshaya Troyka)
Eduard Taran, President, RATM Holding