Business programme

Developing an Inclusive Community: Tripartite Dialogue on the Role of Inclusion in the Development of Russia's Human Potential

14 Jun , 16:45–18:00
Protecting the Population and Quality of Life as the Main Priority
Pavilion G, conference hall G6

In Russia today, there are almost 12 million citizens with various mental and physical disabilities who are only partially integrated into public life. Those who care for their loved ones with disabilities are also deeply affected by this issue. Ongoing discussions regarding the importance of developing an inclusive environment have revealed that participants often have differing interpretations of inclusion, as well as of the principles necessary for developing an inclusive community. Consequently, it becomes crucial to engage in discussions regarding the development of an inclusive community involving all relevant parties: the government, society, non-profit organizations, and disabled individuals themselves. The primary objectives, although not exhaustive, include establishing a barrier-free environment, promoting inclusive education, and devising ways to involve businesses in the inclusive agenda. Achieving understanding and consensus among all stakeholders is imperative. What is the role of the state in shaping an inclusive community and developing human potential? What are the main tools to support people with disabilities? How do people with disabilities, including innovators, athletes and public officials, view the process of societal transformation? Is “inclusion for the sake of inclusion” truly effective in various aspects of life, or are there areas where it cannot be implemented? How can businesses be incentivized to actively participate in the development of inclusion? How does Russia's experience of developing inclusive institutions differ from global practices?

Dmitry Mednikov, Managing Director, Russian Media Group

Alexander Bugaev, First Deputy Minister of Enlightenment of the Russian Federation
Tatyana Ilyushnikova, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Gosha Kutsenko, Theater and film Actor, Producer; Founder, Foundation for the Support of Disabled People with Infantile Cerebral Palsy and Traumatic Brain Injury "Life with Cerebral Palsy"
Irina Makieva, Chief Managing Partner for Urban Development, VEB.RF
Anna Meleshina, Director of Corporate Relations and Sustainability, Magnit
Alexander Ruppel, Deputy Head of Governor of Krasnodar Region

Front row participants
Nikolay Daykhes, Director, Scientific and Clinical Centre of Otorhinolaryngology of the Russian Federal Medical and Biological Agency
Yulia Ermolenko-Bahovkinа, Development Director, IFORS
Violetta Zhuravskaya, Head of the "City without Borders" Project, Ural Regional Center for Technology Transferers Project
Evgeny Kozin, Head, Saint Petersburg Metro
Konstantin Major, General Director, Mayer Group
Nikolay Muravyov, Founder, VR GO Project
Yaroslav Svyatoslavsky, Paralympic Athlete, World Cup Bronze Medalist; Public Figure; Partner, Project