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Multiculturalism vs Traditional Values: The Ethical Aspect in the Global Entertainment and Media Industry

16 Jun , 09:00–10:00
Building Technological Sovereignty
Pavilion G, conference hall G6

Nowadays, the problem of forming tolerant behavior within each society is one of the most urgent. Today, so-called tolerance is a fundamental value expounded by the global entertainment industry, and media without political and national borders is the main mechanism for promoting the ideas, principles and values of multiculturalism, spreading and popularizing the corresponding worldview, value orientation and formats. At the same time, the diversity of content produced, on the one hand, is supposed to correspond to the interests of a specific target audience. On the other hand, the ethical aspect as such is already positioned as an abstract and rudimentary element, which should also be adapted to the progressive views of the “global community”. With Russia’s media industry committed to traditionalism, for which demand is only growing, the current situation opens up great opportunities for the industry to thrive. Moreover, Russia can also consolidate international efforts aimed at ensuring respect for and the protection of universal spiritual values. How can the concept of traditional values be integrated into the entertainment and media industry in practice and is it feasible? Does traditionalist content need to be adapted and localized? Can such a product compete with multicultural content?

Alexander Tsypkin, Writer, Scriptwriter

Svetlana Balanova,
Konstantin Bogomolov, Art Director, Moscow Drama Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya
Victor But,
Alexey Goreslavsky, Director General, ANO "Internet Development Institute" (IRI)
Xavier Moreau, Founder, Centre of Political-Strategic Analysis STRATPOL