Business programme

Challenges in Regional Community Development

17 Jun , 14:00–15:15
International Youth Economic Forum
Congress Centre, zone B, 2nd floor, conference hall B1

The establishment and growth of communities have consistently emerged as a top priority in recent years within the framework of state economic policy. Significant efforts have been devoted to this cause in Russia, including grant competitions, the establishment of dedicated spaces, educational initiatives fostering community development, and the creation of comprehensive overarching projects. Nonetheless, the task of ensuring the dynamic progress of communities in various regions and fostering a resource-rich environment for young individuals and entrepreneurs continues to hold relevance. What are the primary obstacles hindering the development of regional communities in the present day?

Maxim Nikitinsky, Founder, Community Center

Anton Aktuganov, Advisor to the Chairman, RDDM "Movement of the First"; Chairman, OROO "Russian Commonwealth of Colleges"
Vladimir Bokhan, Founder, Intellectual Cooperative "Alliance 78.1", Investor
Viktor Lvov, Founder, General Director, RTF-Group; Co-founder, President, ClubFirst Future Club for Young Entrepreneurs
Pavel Orehov, Project Director of the Center for Youth Initiatives, Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects (ASI), Chairman of the Y Club Business Club
Dmitrii Timurshin, Founder, Freedom Team, Creator of creative spaces and community centers
Aleksey Fedoseev, President, Association of Technology Kruzhoks
Alisher Fozilov, Commercial Director, Co-founder, SF Education; Resident of the Business Club "Y Club"

Front row participants
Maxim Vlasov, Project Office Manager, Moscow Innovation Agency
Valeria Rodina, Coordinator, Challenge Youth Community; Doctor of Political Science
Anton Finogenov, Director of Urban Environment Development, DOM.RF