Business programme

Eco-Tourism: Achieving a Harmonious Balance Between Conservation and Visitor Accessibility

17 Jun , 14:00–15:15
International Youth Economic Forum
Congress Centre, zone D, conference hall D4

The introduction of regulations in March of this year regarding tourism development in national parks and specially protected natural areas (SPNA) seeks to foster the growth of domestic eco-tourism and establish guidelines for responsible tourism in environmentally sensitive regions. Nonetheless, environmentalists express apprehension that these amendments might potentially facilitate excessive human intrusion into protected areas, thereby raising concerns about the delicate balance between conservation efforts and visitor access. Can we effectively safeguard exceptional natural areas while simultaneously ensuring their accessibility to a wide range of visitors? What are the contrasting perspectives and arguments surrounding this matter? How do young individuals, who frequently gravitate towards outdoor pursuits and travel, perceive the promotion and preservation of captivating and distinctive destinations?

Alexander Machevskiy, Managing director, VEB.RF
Vita Saar, Head of the Ecosophy Project, Russia – the Land of Opportunities

Natalia Belyakova, Director of the Department of Expedition Activities and Tourism Development, Russian Geographical Society
Andrey Borodin, Head, ECO.TSEKH Project
Elena Gorokhova, Director, Interregional Ecological Public Organization "ECA"
Alexander Zheleznyak, Expert in the Field of Sustainable Tourism, Ecocenter "Reserves"
Ekaterina Ivanilova, Head of Strategic Communications Department, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics
Konstantin Malyshev, Deputy Head of the Department of International Youth Cooperation and Tourism of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation
Daria Matsuk, Acting Director, Roszapovedtsentr
Roman Sablin, Co-founder, Green Driver

Front row participants
Naphtali Obed Akudung, Chief Executive Officer, Founder, Climerenew
Anton Grigorov, General Director, BAIKAL.CENTER
Emmanuel Danso, Chief Executive Officer, Business Lead, BD Waste
Andrey Rudnev, Chairman, All-Russian Public Organization of Environmental Volunteers "Delai!"
Vladimir Solodov, Governor of Kamchatka Territory
Vasiliy Temgenevskiy, Head of Baikal Municipality
Lev Shagarov, Sustainable Development and Environmental Management Director, Krasnaya Polyana Resort