Business programme

Russia's Emerging Influencers and the Fight Against Fakes

17 Jun , 14:00–15:30
International Youth Economic Forum
Congress Centre, zone D, conference hall D1

In the years 2022-2023, there has been a profound transformation among Russia's public opinion influencers within the blogosphere and various distribution platforms. The era of TikTokers has given way to a new wave of war correspondents and patriotic bloggers on platforms such as Telegram, VKontakte, and other prominent social networks. Presently, these bloggers have risen to become authoritative figures, disseminating their thoughts and perspectives to a broader audience while significantly impacting their perceptions of unfolding events. It is crucial to recognize that bloggers are no longer mere contributors to the information agenda; rather, they actively shape it. What types of bloggers are essential for the country and how do they contribute to the fight against fakes? Which types of bloggers will Russia require in 2023? The emergence of a new generation of opinion leaders: what content is currently trending? Is there a fresh approach for state companies to engage with bloggers?

Sergey Kolyada, Director, Communications Department, Russia – the Country of Opportunities

Yulia Ablets, Deputy Director General, Dialogue Regions Autonomous Nonprofit Organization
Marat Bashirov, Professor, National Research University "Higher School of Economics"; author of the information and analytical channel "Politjoystik"
Dmitry Beskromny, Founder, bQ Group
Maria Zakharova, Director, Department of Information and the Press, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
Vovan and Lexus, Prankers
Lyubov Malyarevskaya, Director General, Russian Mediagroup
Mikhail Onufrienko, Journalist, blogger, military expert
Yury Podolyaka, Blogger, Author of the Mir Today Channel;
Dmitry Puchkov, Blogger, Сomputer Game Developer, Chief Executive Officer, Goblin Film LLC
Larisa Rzhondovskaya, Blogger, Author of the Dear Persimmon Channel
Semyon Uralov, Political scientist, journalist, blogger

Front row participant
Ivan Kondakov, Author and performer, satirist, candidate of technical sciences