Business programme

A Digital Leap in Agriculture

15 Jun , 17:00–18:15
Building Technological Sovereignty
Pavilion G, conference hall G7
In partnership with Russian Agricultural Bank

The years 2022–2023 have witnessed remarkable advancements in digital solutions across all sectors of the Russian economy. Russian IT companies have increasingly directed their focus towards the agribusiness industry, spearheading the development of cutting-edge solutions to streamline processes and establish new trends in agritech worldwide. The integration of technology into agriculture encompasses a multitude of aspects, ranging from the implementation of "precision farming," where satellite-based aerospace systems guide farmers in the optimal application of fertilizers, to the utilization of drones for harvesting or spraying crop protection agents (CPA). Moreover, advancements include the manipulation of microorganisms to create food, advancements in livestock and crop breeding, and much more. These high-tech solutions are already making significant strides in certain sectors, particularly among larger-scale enterprises. How can the widespread adoption of these innovations be accomplished? What steps are necessary to foster the development of robust agricultural technology clusters?

Konstantin Boucher, TV and Radio Presenter

Vladimir Avdeenko, Head of the Directorate for the Development of Agro- and Biotechnologies, Innopraktika
Ruslan Akhtyamov, Co-founder, Director of Strategic Development, Napoleon IT
Elena Baturova, Director of the Center for the Development of Financial Technologies, Russian Agricultural Bank
Alexander Dvoinykh, Chairman of the Committee of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on Agriculture and Food Policy and Environmental Management
Ekaterina Izhmulkina, Rector, Kuzbass State Agricultural Academy
Aleksander Lyskovsky, Director General, iFarm
Elena Fastova, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Front row participants
Alexander Averyanov, Chief Executive Officer, Terroir Concept
Mikhail Sterkin, Deputy General Director for Sales, Marketing and Logistics, PhosAgro