Business programme

Time of Youth: Accidental Success or the Talent Pool of Russian Business?

15 Jun , 11:00–12:15
The Labour Market: A Response to the New Challenges
Pavilion G, conference hall G2

The development of youth entrepreneurship in Russia has the potential to serve as a sustainable driver of economic growth. In this regard, the President of Russia has repeatedly highlighted the need to create favourable conditions for the successful involvement of young people in entrepreneurial activities, making it one of the most important priorities of state economic policy in recent years. However, young entrepreneurs continue to face a number of significant challenges, including securing long-term financing and getting into value chains with medium and large businesses, among others. Why is it important for the state and large businesses to support young entrepreneurs? Which existing support measures for young entrepreneurs are most effective? What is the secret to the success of young entrepreneurs and managers? What should be the development direction for youth entrepreneurship in the Russian Federation?

Ekaterina Gordon, Head,''Gordon & Sons''; Public Figure

Aleksandr Vaino, Head of Youth Initiatives Center, Agency of Strategic Initiatives (ASI)
Aleksandra Glazkova, Deputy General Director – Director for Organizational Development, Uralchem
Vladimir Kirienko, Chief Executive Officer, VK
Andrey Krivenko, Founder, VkusVill
Alexander Stuglev, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, The Roscongress Foundation

Front row participants
Valeria Matukhina, Chief Executive Offiсer, SberTroyka
Alexey Pak, Founder, Purple Door
Maria Peshkova, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Tech Marketing Group