Creative Business Forum

Education as a Creative Ecosystem: Creativity, Design Thinking and Interdisciplinarity

17 Jun , 10:00–11:15
Creative Business Forum
Pavilion G, conference hall G1

Contemporary education requires a creative approach that makes the entire education system relevant and mobile. To train an up-to-date workforce capable of saturating the newly emerging markets with competitive products made by domestic creative industries, and management teams for promoting Russian cultural values on global markets using modern technological formats, educational standards must be harmonized, continuity ensured of educational programmes at different levels of education, and models developed for sustainable partnership between universities, businesses and creative industries alliance. The main asset of creative industries is their human resources. A versatile and turbulence-resistant workforce with a wide range of knowledge and skills must be trained for creative industries to develop. What is the role of education and mentorship in development of the economy's creative potential? How to provide the creative economy sector with a new wave of workforce? What creative skills are in demand on the labour market? Competition for talents: who dictates the terms in the creative industries –employer or employee? What educational programmes and educational tracks meet the latest requirements of the creative business? How can a sustainable partnership be ensured between educational organizations and creative business? What are the alternatives to classical universities and how do educational platforms provide a shortcut for an individual to enter the labour market?

Maria Sitkovskaya, Director, Universal University

Tatyana Abankina, Director, Center for Creative Economy, National Research University Higher School of Economics (online)
Borislav Volodin, Director, National Open Championship of Creative Competencies Art Masters
Grigory Zaslavskiy, Rector, Russian Institute of Theatre Arts GITIS
Nadezhda Prepodobnaya, Secretary of State - Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation
Antonina Priezzheva, HR Director, Gazprom-Media Holding
Lyubov Pshenichnikova, Director of Strategic Partnerships Development, VK
Hans-Joachim Frey, Artistic Director, Talent and Success Foundation