Creative Business Forum

In Search of Identity: From Traditional Folk Crafts to Innovative Brands

17 Jun , 14:00–15:15
Creative Business Forum
Pavilion G, conference hall G2

A country's cultural code is made up of a synergy of many components, such as history, polyethnicity, traditions, language, literature, music, cinema and other domains of culture, though it is often mainly associated with the cultural heritage. In times of change, when mainstream culture markets are closed or severely limited, there are opportunities for local cultures to assume a new role both nationally and when exported to other countries. Creative industries in world capitals represent the quintessence of urban creative forces, from masters of traditional art to makers of progressive technology. Collaboration results in unique products and services that inspire thinkers from other fields to undertake bold experiments. So, working with national cultural and visual codes opens the door for the creative industry to gain a unique position on global markets. How do contemporary creators accommodate national culture in their work? How to create and promote strong national brands? What is their main value for the economy? How does resorting to national values affect competitive ability in the global arena? How do fairy-tale characters, historical plots and folk heroes influence preservation and reproduction of traditions? What are the ways to promote and monetize traditional folk crafts to make them attractive to the younger generation?

Ekaterina Cherkes-zade, Director of the Centre for Creative Economy Development at the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, managing partner of Universal University

Alexey Baranov, Head of the Industry Relations Department at the Institute of Business and Design B&D
Andrey Kravchuk, Russian Film Director, Screenwriter
Yulia Loboiko, Founder, Chambers Concept Store
Galina Pavlova, President, Association "Arctic Jewelers"
Yuliana Slashcheva, Chairman of the Management Board, Soyuzmultfilm Film Studio; General Director, Gorky Film Studio; Chairman of the Management Board, Russian Animated Film Association
Alexey Slukin, Art. Lebedev Studio Strategist
Artem Ukropov, Founder, Megabudka Architectural Bureau
Valery Farukshin, Curator, Ethnic Village Project in the Krasnoyarsk Territory; Founder, Evenkia Group of Companies