Creative Business Forum

Focus on Creativity: Creative Industries’ New Sources of Investment

17 Jun , 12:00–13:15
Creative Business Forum
Pavilion G, conference hall G1

Creative industries are a complex asset to manage, requiring new approaches to regulation, investment and defining target performance indicators. Despite the challenges of recent years, the national creative industries have demonstrated sustainability as a result of state support. Even so, for the industry to grow further, it is important to attract private investors, some of them from abroad. How can an effective balance be achieved between guaranteed support and market struggle for investment? What is the difference between creative industry investment projects and classical investment projects? How can a creative ecosystem be managed? Will specialization and a focus on specific industries help increase the chances of raising significant players for the domestic and international markets?

Elena Lazko, Partner, Head of Strategy and Operations, Kept

Gulnara Agamova, Chief Executive Officer, Creative Industries Agency
Vadim Duda, General Director, Russian State Library
Roman Karmanov, Chief Executive Officer, Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives
Vadim Navoenko, General Director, Gazprom Cultural Initiatives Foundation
Vladimir Sakovich, Chief Executive Officer, Sk Capital
Sofia Trotsenko, Founder, Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art; Member of the Civil Chamber of Moscow
Elena Shumakova, Deputy Governor of Khanty‑Mansi Autonomous Area–Yugra