Creative Business Forum

Corporate Museums: A Marketing Ploy or New Cultural Venues on the City Map

17 Jun , 12:00–13:15
Creative Business Forum
Pavilion G, conference hall G2

Today, corporate museums are the most important element of a company's communication strategy. They create a memorable brand image, have an impact on business capitalization and develop human resources potential. By financing and creating cultural projects, companies demonstrate social responsibility and become part of the city and the region's change of their socio-cultural environments. Exhibition areas of city core enterprises contribute to a city’s image, becoming city hallmarks along with other cultural facilities. Today, corporate museums are a powerful resource that is often underestimated and that some companies do not know how to use. Without limiting themselves to museumization of their industry and their company's history within it, leading companies turn to other formats: they open cultural centres, found art museums, use new technologies. How does the economy of corporate museums function? What competitive advantages does a business gain from opening a museum at its manufacturing site? How to use the museums’ potential properly for tourism development? What is the role of innovations in museums and do they serve as a bridge to new and modern art? What is the role of industrial museums in transmitting traditions and providing early career guidance in industrial cities?

Yulia Petrova, Head, Museum of Russian Impressionism

Oksana Bondarenko, Director, Moscow Transport Museum
Yulia Bondarenko, Private educational institution of continuing professional education PhosAgro training center”, Director of vocational guidance and exhibition center
Elena Koroleva, General Director, Gzhel Open Source
Maria Kurnosova, Director of Corporate Communications, United Metallurgical Company
Maxim Lunev, Director of the Corporate Communications Department, Russian Railways
Andrey Timonov, -
Anna Trepalova, Head of Industrial Tourism at TMK, Head of the Severskaya Domna Museum Complex
Maria Turkina, Urbanist, Night of Factories Festival Producer