Creative Business Forum

Discourse in a Time of Change: How Can the Media Respond to Social Demand?

17 Jun , 14:00–15:15
Creative Business Forum
Pavilion G, conference hall G1

Media are still the biggest content producers in this country, as well as key instruments of social change. Initially designed to entertain, they are in a position to change the world for the better. Generating meaning and values is an integral part of the media market, where each producer tries not only to provide information about the product but also to create a unique image of this product associated with certain values and emotions. As a result, consumers choose a product not only for its quality but also for what it represents and what values it supports. This topic is very marketable today, requiring development and attracting a younger generation of producers, journalists and directors who are not indifferent to social content. What system changes have occurred in media consumption? Why should impact content be a part of a high-quality media repertoire? What can modern creative businesspeople impart to everyone through their product? What are examples of social changes driven by TV series, films, social advertising, TV shows? How do the media determine which socially important topics to focus on in their products? How does animated content affect children? What are the secrets of creating socially transformative animated films?

Alexander Tsypkin, Writer, Scriptwriter

Ksenia Anosova, Chief Editor-in-Chief, PEOPLETALK
Natalia Vesnina, General Director, Independent Media
Gavriil Gordeev, Original Content Producer, Okko
Maria Zalunina, Head of CSR, National Media Group
Marina Krasnova, General Director, VKontakte
Konstantin Major, General Director, Mayer Group
Nikita Martynov, PR Director, VOICE Brand
Konstantin Obukhov, General Producer, TV-3 channel
Vadim Tereshcuk, Chief Executive Officer, GPM Radio