Creative Business Forum

Legacy of the Great Couturiers. The Future of the Russian Fashion Market

17 Jun , 12:00–13:15
Creative Business Forum
Pavilion G, conference hall G7

The departure of the great couturiers Vyacheslav Zaytsev and Valentin Yudashin, who popularized the à la russe style in the world arena, marked the end of an entire era of Russian fashion that had become the foundation of the modern fashion business in Russia. However, there are true leaders in the industry and a new generation of modern designers who have become symbols of the Russian fashion market. After several foreign companies have left the market, Russian retail needs reliable brands and quality products, and manufacturers need ideas and modern technological approaches to creating and promoting their products that are consistent with global trends. What will the Russian fashion market look like after this transformational stage? How can Russia’s diverse culture help promote the Russian style on the world stage? What kind of measures does the government aim to develop to support small and medium-sized businesses in fashion and retail? Will the concept of sustainable economic development become a driver for the fashion business in the country? New imports: how are manufacturers and retailers solving logistical and marketing problems? ‘From idea to sales’: what are some of the special features of how commercial brands in Russia are developing in the new realities? The path to exports: what has changed in the Russian fashion market’s export potential?

Georgy Rostovshchikov, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Fashion Hub Russia; President, International Buyer Association International Buyer Hub

Evgenia Belousova, Leader of the tech-community VK Tekhprosvet, editor-in-chief Luis Ivanovich Vuiton
Oleg Voronin, Founder, I AM Studio brand
Yurate Gurauskaite, Editor-in-Chief, U Magazine
Tatiana Zatravina, Brand and Production Founder, Free Age
Julia Matvienko, Founder, JM Studio
Olga Serdyukova, Founder, El Boutique Multi-Brand Store
Vera Khmyrova, Director of the Department of Light Industry and Timber Industry, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

Front row participants
Ekaterina Kombarova, Founder, Maison Kaleidoscope
Yanis Chamalidi, Designer