Creative Business Forum

An Intangible Asset. The Art of Creating a Brand

17 Jun , 14:00–15:15
Creative Business Forum
Pavilion G, conference hall G3

A brand is not only a company name and a recognizable logo; first of all, it consists in the associations, images and emotions that arise when consumers interact with a product or a service. And brand development is a long-term investment that helps strengthen the brand's position both on the market and in the consumer's mind. Companies with a unique strong positioning gain the opportunity to conduct their business at a fundamentally new level, generating added value for their product and creating a community of brand fans. What are the typical features and advantages of strong brands? What are their role and value for business and the economy as a whole? How to create and promote a strong brand? What design trends will help create a unique, recognizable corporate identity?

Valentin Smolyakov, Vice President, Association of Communication Agencies of Russia

Olga Zurashvili, Brand Analyst, Creative Director of the Branding Agency Zurashvili Branding
Ilya Lazuchenkov, General Director, Managing Partner, Plenum Brand Consultancy
Natalya Peysakhovich, Director of Marketing and Communications Department, National Payment Card System
Alexey Filia, Director of Strategy and Development of Advertising Products Department, Sales House "Gazprom-Media"
David Stewart, Managing Director, Raketa Watch Factory