Creative Business Forum

Film-Making in the Arctic: Dialogue between Nature and Technology

14 Jun , 15:00–16:15
Creative Business Forum
Pavilion G, Arctic: Territory of Dialogue stand

The monopoly on film production, previously concentrated exclusively in the capital cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, is coming to an end. The regions have enthusiastically joined the film production process. Filmmakers are interested in considering the Far North for as a filming location, looking for strong characters, and responding to viewers’ demand for new heroes in new locations. The regions gain the advantage of attracting creative new industry to their territory, promoting the northern regions and developing local businesses. Yet, at the same time, a massive inflow of film crews and the process of film-making itself can have negative environmental consequences in the future. In this respect, it is necessary to create a cooperation network and develop a concept, a unified platform for co-operation between filmmakers and small and medium-sized enterprises united by a common approach to organizing film production in the Arctic. What stands behind the concept of sustainable film-making in the Arctic? How to ensure a balance between production of high-quality films and preservation of nature? What measures are taken by film industry representatives to reduce the damage caused during filming and to make up for it? What environmental requirements and standards need to be implemented to preserve the vulnerable nature of the North? What formats can NPOs offer for developing best practices in nature preservation and conservation? What is more efficient: to bring your own crew or use local resources?

Dmitry Pristanskov, State Secretary – Vice President for Relations with Authorities and Administration, Norilsk Nickel

Bogdan Bulychev, Director, Traveler, Blogger
Elena Dyagileva,
Stepan Korshunov, Director
Evgeniy Melentyev, Chief Executive Officer, KINODANZ
Anton Melnik, Producer of the Film "Territory"
Ildar Neverov, Acting General Director, State Trust Arktikugol
Aisen Nikolaev, Head of Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
Nikolay Novikov, Secretary of the Presidium of the Regional Representative Offices under the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation, Member of the Council of the Regional Cinema Support Fund of the Russian Filmmakers Union
Svetlana Soldatova, Director, Producer, Northern Character Producer Center
Dmitry Tabarchuk, General Director, NMG Studio
Dmitry Yakunin, Russian Producer, Executive Director, Youth Center of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia; Deputy Executive Director, Regional Cinema Support Fund (FPRK)