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The Route is Set: Trends in Wine Tourism

16 Jun , 11:45–12:45
Passage in zone G, VinoGrad

Wine tourism emerges as an innovative and promising trend within the hospitality sector, serving as a rapidly expanding industry that allures investments and fosters regional growth. In recent years, wine and gastronomy tourism in our nation have elevated to new heights, experiencing continuous development.
Notably, experts predict that the advancement of wine tourism in Crimea and the Krasnodar Region could potentially augment the annual turnover of the domestic tourism industry by a substantial 3.4 billion roubles.
What are the prospects for developing new tourist routes encompassing Russia's wine regions? What practical measures does the government propose to support wine tourism? Do legislative restrictions exist, and how can a proposed law on wine tourism and rural tourism assist winemakers? How can a sustainable demand and increased tourist attraction be created? Is the establishment of a unified map of wine routes throughout Russia necessary? What were the outcomes of the First Wine Tourism Forum?

Marina Gevorkyan, Publisher of the media project "Snob"

Irina Goncharova, Vice President of the Abrau-Durso Group of Companies for Tourism
Andrey Dalnov, Head of the Center for Industry Expertise, Russian Agricultural Bank
Sergey Krasnoperov, Executive Director, Corporation Tourism.RF
Dmitry Levitsky, Business hedonist, restaurateur, gastro traveler
Emil Omarov, General Director, Derbent Wine Company
Elena Porman, Head of the section for the development of rural, agro- and enogastronomic tourism, Expert Council of the Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation for tourism and tourism infrastructure development; coordinator of the project "Wine Routes of the Bosporan Kingdom"
Ekaterina Sumenkova, Head of the department of excursion and methodological services Mriya WinePark

Elena Didenko, Vice-Rector for Additional Professional Education of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation