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Terroir as a cosmodrome: how to launch wine into premium orbit by the example of Fanagoria. Wine tasting with Igor Serdyuk

14 Jun , 11:30–12:30
Passage in zone G, VinoGrad

Today the consumer not only discovers the taste harmony of wine, but also wants to feel its authenticity and originality, which only terroir can convey.
Modern premium class wines are first and foremost about knowing exactly what is in the bottle. Mineral elements, phenolic compounds, unique organoleptic properties - all this depends on the properties of the land where the vine grows.
The experience of Fanagoria has shown that a serious winery and large-scale production needs to rely on terroir in shaping its concept. By studying it we bring wine into a premium orbit for a demanding and discerning consumer.
Terroir wines are a chance to hear the voice of the native land, which leaves us a generous heritage.

Igor Serdyuk, editor-in-chief of the portal