Healthy Life

Investing in Cutting-Edge Biotech: Fact or Fiction?

14 Jun , 11:15–12:30
Pavilion F, Healthy Life Area

With the support of the Skolkovo Foundation

There has been a significant decline in venture capital investment in 2022–2023, both in Russia and globally, for a variety of reasons. Despite the general downturn in investment, corporations and funds are looking with increasing frequency to biotechnology, IT, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. Biotech companies are going public on their own, attracting investors, and in 2022, there was sustained interest in medical technology start-ups. The importance of development in this area raises the issue of import dependency, especially in genetics and breeding, and the development of high-tech medicines. Are there any successful Russian companies at the cutting edge of biotechnology capable of attracting investment? What strategy are investors currently employing? What challenges await developers and investors, what solutions can be proposed, and how can they optimize existing innovation support instruments? What examples currently exist of successful collaboration between medical science and entrepreneurship? How will the biotech segment change over the next 5 years?

Kirill Kaem, Senior Vice-President for Innovations, Skolkovo Foundation

Timur Andrbaev, Acting Director General of the International Medical Cluster Foundation
Oleg Astafurov, Vice President, Pharmasyntez Group of Companies
Sergey Zhdanov, Managing Director, Director of the Health Industry Center, Sberbank
Vasily Ignatiev, General Director, R-Pharm
Roman Kozyrev, General Director RUSTARK
Alexander Kolsanov, Rector, Samara State Medical University
Valentina Kosenko, General Director, Scientific Center for Expertise of Medicinal Products of the Ministry of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
Pavel Salugin, Vice President of JSC "Gazprombank"
Vyacheslav Shulenin, General Director, Moscow Center for Healthcare Innovations

Front row participants
Evgeny Kostyushkov, General Director of LLC "Medviar"
Yuri Matvienko, Head of Invasive Research, "Motorika"