Healthy Life

Human well-being through the prism of modern values

14 Jun , 14:30–15:45
Pavilion F, Healthy Life Area

A person is the highest value of a civilized state, which means that the economic development of such a state should be subordinated to the main goal – the comprehensive development of human potential and the achievement of universal well-being. To paraphrase the WHO definition, the fundamental determinant of a person's social, physical and psychological well-being is health. However, the modern formula of human well-being is broader. It is regarded as a concept determined by many factors, among which, in addition to the basic value of health, are the desire for lifelong education, professional self–realization, family well-being, moral self-development, creativity and creativity. Modern life is accelerating, new values are emerging. What does the concept of well-being include in the modern reading? Is it possible to derive a formula for well-being? How can health promotion become a "sought-after" value? What are the most valuable investments in the well-being of society? What true values should we pass on to the next generations?

Olga Dementieva, author, host of Business FM radio

Ekaterina Glebova, Director of Social Projects, Medscan Group (Hadassah Medical Moscow)
Guzeliya Imaeva, Chief Executive Officer, NAFI Research Centre
Irina Kirkora, Deputy Chairman of the Presidential Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights
Oksana Melnik, Chief Physician, X-clinic
Artem Rublev, Founder, INSIDE Community
Irina Shamilova, House Founder, owner and chief designer, EIRINE Jewellery; gemologist and jewelry expert

Front row participant
Anna Kharnas, Deputy General Director, Marketing Communications and Commercial Activities of the Game of the Future project