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TV and film marketing: competing for attention

14 Jun , 12:00–13:30
Creative Business Forum
Pavilion F, Roscongress Foundation Social Platform

Television and cinema are among the most popular media channels. How do they attract their audience? Today, it’s not TV presenters and formats competing with one another, but brands, and a clearly defined position plays a key role: why does a potential viewer come to you. Along with a variety of marketing tools, the number of restrictions is growing, so the bold and daring solutions and campaigns that were broadly used as many as 10 years ago may not be appropriate today. How can a new TV project or movie attract an audience of millions? What is the best way to boldly and vividly attract viewers amidst the growing restrictions? What are the trends and who are the trendsetters in the global and Russian promotional industry? Creativity and the conveyer belt: how can they be combined? How can you distinguish a good promo/trailer from a bad one? What is the best way to surprise a sophisticated audience when there is such a variety of content on TV channels and platforms?

Yevgenia Balenko, Editor-in-Chief, Sostav

Evelina Bledans, Actress
Anna Godunova, Marketing Director, TNT and TNT4
Alexander Ilyin, Marketing Director, Yellow, Black & White
Ruben Oganesyan, Director for Digital Transformation, MEDIA1 Group of Companies