The Roscongress Foundation`s Social Platform

Mentoring: the theme of the year, or how to preserve the trend of sharing experience

16 Jun , 12:30–13:30
Social Agenda
Pavilion F, Roscongress Foundation Social Platform

Over the past year, Russia has had to deal with serious challenges that have affected almost all spheres of life and have manifested themselves, among other ways, in the outflow of technology and skilled personnel. The non-commercial sector in general and donors in particular face the challenge of preserving, understanding, and sharing their existing experience, as well as creating and accumulating new expertise. Today, it is crucial to not only talk about the knowledge needed for the non-commercial sector to develop and become more professional, but also about topical issues that donors and charitable organizations are grappling with as part of their key programmes, which aim to develop education, science, culture, and healthcare, among other things. In this dialogue, there is a special role for the promotion of the institution of mentoring, support for professionals, and each individual’s overall contribution to the development and preservation of Russia’s competitiveness. Culture of sharing experience: how can we teach the sector to share and accept knowledge and materials? What expertise does the non-commercial sector need and where can it be obtained? Why is there no institutionalized education for charity managers? Is it essential? How can we organize partnerships among non-commercial organizations, donors, and educational organizations? What could be the overall goals of such cooperation? How does the business/non-commercial sector/government utilize the resources of ‘mentors’ to create a supportive and developing environment? What will the leaders of non-commercial organizations be like in 10 years and how will they differ from previous generations of non-commercial organization leaders?

Aleksandra Boldyreva, Executive Director, Russian Donors Forum

Maria Balandina, Managing Director, Friends Foundation
Innokentiy Dementyev, Deputy General Director, Presidential Grants Foundation
Kseniya Dmitrieva, Head of Programm Special View, Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation
Andrey Klimenko, CSR & GR section head, EVRAZ
Artem Metelev, Chairman of the Committee on Youth Policy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation; Supervisor, DOBRO.RU
Maria Morozova, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, General Director, Timchenko Charitable Foundation
Nikolai Slabzhanin, National Director, Russian Committee “Children’s Villages – SOS”