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Equestrian sport as a way of life and a promising business opportunity

16 Jun , 09:30–10:30
Social Agenda
Pavilion F, Roscongress Foundation Social Platform

Russia boasts a long history in equestrian sport, and it continues to develop. Competitions, horse exhibitions, and riding shows are all popular among equestrian fans and among those who simply appreciate the beauty and elegance of horses. What makes the equestrian business so special is the unique team effort between horse and human, and it has grown into more than just a sport: it has an important role to play in the health and cultural education of the next generation. And it is a sport with no equal – a way to develop a well-rounded personality in young riders and to expose them to an important cultural tradition. What is this super elite, spectacular sport all about? What goes into creating an attractive equestrian facility: investment, infrastructure, business financial structure? What events support equestrian sport as part of the national culture? How does communicating with horses improve the health of the next generation? What is the equestrian industry’s social mission?

Maria Kartuz, Director of the Regional Information Center TASS

Maxim Kretov, Advisor of the President of Russian Equestrian Federation
Laura Migel, -
Inessa Tarasova, Marketing Director, Horseka Sport Equestrian Club
Marina Cherkezova, Deputy CEO, Kirov Equestrian Farm