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Close-up: Women in the Russian Film Business

17 Jun , 11:00–12:30
Creative Business Forum

Modern women in film and television are becoming increasingly successful and gaining recognition and opportunities for professional growth. Working in various positions, ranging from traditionally male professions, such as cameraman, director, or production designer to actresses and screenwriters, they make a significant contribution to the development of modern cinema. However, they still face a number of difficulties, so it is crucial today to create networks of support and mentoring, through which professional growth can be significantly accelerated, particularly in industries where women have historically been in the minority. What role are women playing in the development of the modern film industry? What challenges do women leaders in the film industry face? How can a woman manage a team while making a movie in a multitasking environment? How has the role of women in cinema changed over the past 10 years? What support measures do women need in the current conditions and how does the mutual support mechanism work?

Susanna Alperina, Editor, Writer, Editorial Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Tamara Bogdanova, Producer, CEO of Kino Kult motion picture company
Ekaterina Golubeva-Poldi, Producer, CEO of SMENA Film Company
lga Zhukova, Executive Director, Association of Film and Television Producers
Julia Ivanova, CEO, Mars Media motion picture company
Katerina Mikhaylova, Producer, CEO of Vega Film motion picture company
Aleksey Uchitel, Russian Film Director; General Director, Creative Production Association ROCK
Julia Khamitova, Actress, producer, founder of the Casting Bridge international community of Russian acting talents; director of the Odna Shestaya (“One-Sixth”) actor’s workshop in the Urals