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Digital Content in Culture: Online Broadcasts VS New Digital Products

16 Jun , 11:00–12:00
Creative Business Forum
Pavilion F, Roscongress Foundation Social Platform

Today we find ourselves in a world where we need to connect and move forward digitally. This period will change the way the art world works. Adapting to the new digital reality, cultural institutions and creators are in search of new forms of expression and development. Simply digitizing content is not enough - a fundamentally new language and forms of expression are required. What new genres and cultural products have been created in the Web 2.0 era? Who pioneered the new digital formats? How has digitalization affected the creativity of artists and entertainers? Is it possible to connect offline and online museum spaces? These and many other questions will be discussed by directors of leading museums, artists and specialists in digital art.

Maria Vorobyova,

Elizaveta Likhacheva, Director, Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts
Egor Moskvin, Director, Directorate of the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum
Yulia Petrova, Head, Museum of Russian Impressionism
Inna Pokhodnya, Vice President of Marketing, VK
Elena Pronicheva, General Director, All-Russian Museum Association "State Tretyakov Gallery"
Aristarkh Chernyshev, Artist, master of multimedia interactive art