Innovation space

Challenge accepted! Advancements in the market for domestic IT-products in the film industry

14 Jun , 14:00–15:00
Pavilion G, Innovation Space

The film industry is experiencing a quantum leap in the development of domestic software, as demonstrated by the world's first feature film shot in space, markerless motion capture technology, and a unique algorithm for colorization and restoration of black and white newsreels.
What is the current maturity level of Russian IT solutions in the film industry market? How long will it take for new domestic developments to be introduced? How are specialists trained to create software that provides a maximum set of possibilities for sound and video composition, special effects, framing, and editing?

Ilya Krivitsky, General Director, Krasny Kvadrat (Red Square) Media Group

Alexey Gusev, Algos Studio CEO
Irina Mastusova, Director, Russian Animated Film Association
Vladimir Nikolaev, General Producer, Voronezh Animation Studio (Wizart Animation)
Aleksandr Pavlov, General Director, Russian Information Technology Development Foundation
Klim Shipenko, Film |Director, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Producer, Actor