Innovation space

R&D - a burden for companies, or the basis of long-term competitiveness?

17 Jun , 10:00–11:00
Pavilion G, Innovation Space

One of the most important tasks of universities and research centers is to create value for the economy of the region, the country and the world, using various channels - education and training, scientific research, expertise and, of course, innovative activities.
New technologies and developments are the basis of long-term business competitiveness. The country's leading universities carry out large volumes of R&D orders, but interaction is far from always mutually beneficial.
Today we are seeing a high demand for specific products and solutions that are needed "urgently, yesterday." But the understanding that these solutions are the result of long-term, painstaking work of researchers and engineers, and, accordingly, many years of investment, allowing to accumulate experience and competencies to quickly respond to industry demands, most of our companies have not yet reached.
In a conversation with experts, we will discuss the possibilities and problems of commercializing the results of research and the competencies of scientists, both within the framework of licensing and contracts, and through the creation of new businesses.

Alexander Fertman, Director of Science and Education Department, Skolkovo Foundation

Maria Bogomolova, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Moscow Innovation Agency
Alexey Borovkov, Vice Rector for Digital Transformation, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University
Alexey Fedorov, "Quantum Information Technologies" Scientific Group Head, Russian Quantum Center; Scientific Group Head, Laboratory "MISiS"
Oleg Churilov, Director of the Department for the Development of Technological Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer, Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation