Innovation space

Digitalization of Tourism: Modern Digital Technology, Hospitality Industry, Growth Potential

14 Jun , 12:30–13:30
Pavilion G, Innovation Space

It is evident that the driving force behind global change has shifted in recent decades towards explosive growth and widespread digital penetration across all sectors. This shift also presents substantial opportunities for the hospitality industry to improve service quality and appeal. The digital transformation of the tourism industry offers a significant chance to enhance the efficiency of infrastructure facilities and introduce new services for tourists.

The rapid development of the hospitality industry in Russia in recent years necessitates the active development of all relevant infrastructure.
While other industries have made significant progress in achieving a high level of digital maturity, the tourism sector is still in its infancy and nascent stage. However, in today's world, the utilization of various digital solutions has become indispensable for the future of tourism.

The transformation of business processes into a digital space will enable significant growth and advancements in tourism services.
In addition, digitalization will facilitate the creation of a unified digital ecosystem for the tourism and hospitality industry.

Olga Yablonskaya, Independent Expert, Member of the Expert Council under the State Duma Committee on Tourism and Tourism Infrastructure Development; Advisor to the President of the National Union of the Hospitality Industry

Tatiana Anisimova, Head of the Department of Congressman and Exhibition Activities of VDNKh JSC
Ilya Bugaev, Chief Executive Officer, SVN; Founder, Mass Personalisation Project
Alexey Volkov, President, National Union of the Hospitality Industry
Anna Gorodzhey, partner, development director of Bloyd - eco-system of mobile and web products, marketplace of author's tours
Maria Grudina, Co-Founder, First Line Health Care Resort
Yulia Mikhaleva, Deputy Head, Roskachestvo
Victoria Popylkova, Founder and General Director, Vitrina Hospitality