Innovation space

Young Leaders in an Era of Global Transformation

14 Jun , 10:00–11:00
Pavilion G, Innovation Space

The world youth today have a real chance to start working now to create the future they want. The youth of Russia and other countries, including the BRICS countries, offers new approaches and platforms for interaction and dissemination of the best projects and practices. The development of common approaches to the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals until 2030 is currently bringing together young leaders and entrepreneurs around the world, but no one knows what will happen after 2030. Do we understand today how we will promote the development of young talents? How are young people today founding a future sustainable world? What areas of work for young leaders will be relevant in 10 years?

David Okpatuma, Core Team Member, Friends for Leadership

Emmanuel Danso, Chief Executive Officer, Business Lead, BD Waste
Sameh Kamel, Organizational Partner, UN Major Group on Children and Youth
Milena Megre, Senior Energy Analyst, Greener
Mervis Ngosa, Chief Executive Officer, ColesHill Enterprise
Madalitso Chempeny, Founder, Mpepu Energy