Innovation space

New generation leaders in the international digital cooperation

15 Jun , 08:30–09:30
Pavilion G, Innovation Space

International relations are increasingly dependent on the level of technological development of the actors involved. Competences in the field of ICT and the technological sovereignty are becoming the determining factors in the development of many countries. A new generation of leaders in global digital collaboration are working within the United Nations platforms and within international leadership communities such as Friends for Leadership to create synergies between their activities for a harmonious and sustainable global development, including its digital dimension. What are the formats for the work of young digital leaders today? What can be the result of such cooperation? What support do international young IT-leaders need to make our world a better place? Who are these future leaders? What products and directions of technological development can be useful and especially in demand within the framework of such cooperation?

Roman Chukov, Chairman of the Board, Russian Center for the Promotion of International Initiatives

Konsolata Biticha, Network Security Specialist, Konvergenz Network Solutions
Vadim Glushchenko, Director, Center for Global IT-Cooperation
Catherine Dodge, Founder and CEO, Koola Capital
Milos Jovanovic, President, OpenLink Group; Professor, Belgrade Metropolitan University
David Monastyrsky, Chief Economist, Financial Market Strategic Development Department, Chairman of the Youth Council, Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia)
Alexey Fedorov, "Quantum Information Technologies" Scientific Group Head, Russian Quantum Center; Scientific Group Head, Laboratory "MISiS"