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Technology Today: At the Intersection of the Past and the Future

14 Jun , 12:15–13:45
Partner events
Pavilion H, conference hall H23 (2nd floor)

In the 1970s, business was turned upside down with the advent of fax technology, which proved to be one of the most important breakthroughs in communications technology. General Electric, for instance, managed to reduce its costs by $45 million by adopting fax as its primary means of communication. However, the era of fax technology's dominance was short-lived as technological advancements began to accelerate. Today, we find ourselves at a juncture where there is a strong possibility that artificial intelligence will supplant human labour. New technologies are reshaping key areas of life, including the business landscape. These innovations are introducing new opportunities, reducing both time and costs, and enhancing the efficiency of doing business. But how prepared is society to compete with artificial intelligence and navigate the technological restructuring of the world? Which key technologies will irreversibly shape our future? How can we adapt in terms of establishing businesses, getting an education, and maintaining our own mental health?

Roman Gerasimov, TV presenter
Elena Dyukareva, Vice President, Union Leningrad Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Maxim Kiselev, General Director, Human Capital Development
Danila Medvedev, Chairman of the Board of Directors, KrioRus; Futurologist
Yaroslav Svyatoslavsky, Paralympic Athlete, World Cup Bronze Medalist; Public Figure; Partner, Project
Olga Uskova, Founder, President, Cognitive Technologies

Front row participants
Elena Kirilenko, General Director, Keleanz Medical
Marina Matveeva, Founder, DELKO Company
Yaroslav Pavlov, Rector, IMISP Lecturer
Matvey Rammo, Development Director, ATTIKA Group of Companies