Roscongress Club

Quantum Leap vs The Perfect Storm: Time To Invest Into The Future?

16 Jun , 08:00–10:00
Business breakfast
Passage in zone H, Roscongress Club

Last year’s events have divided the development of new technologies into “before” and “after”. Due to unprecedented sanctions from Western countries, many Russian companies found themselves in a situation where their investments in high-tech hadn’t lived up to expectations. Does that mean you should stop investing? Global statistics state the opposite. New markets are opening up, new technologies are being developed – over the past year alone, about $500 million have been invested in quantum technology. Not to mention the artificial intelligence, blockchain, biotech – every day we learn about new investments and further acceleration of these industries.

How can businesses restructure support for high-tech projects? Is it time for a new scientific strategy? And why even invest in something that will bring results only after a few years?

Breakfast session attendees will have a unique opportunity to test advanced computational methods in real time on the QBoard quantum computing cloud platform to resolve companies’ actual business and research problems.