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Opinion Leaders. Why Is Influencer Marketing Considered a Trend of the Future?

15 Jun , 12:15–13:15
Passage in zone H, Roscongress Club

The digitalization of media has significantly altered interaction between influencers, brands, and audiences. Along with bloggers, opinion leaders have emerged with their pages and feeds on social media competing for the audience’s attention both with the media and with the entertainment industry. They continue to develop new platforms, work formats, methods for monetization, and interaction with the business segment. Influence marketing has long been beneficial for brands and remains a popular tool for scaling a business and communicating brands to an audience.
• What is the best way to build competitive communication with your target audience?
• How can brands track and measure the effectiveness of influencer marketing?
• How has the picture of media consumption changed and how are bloggers influencing it?
• What is the relationship between celebrities and viewers, bloggers and audiences, and influencers and businesses?
• How are AI and virtual influencers being used in marketing?

Nikita Martynov, PR Director, Voice Brand

Kirill Didenok, Founder, Co-owner, Didenok Team
Alina Zinnatullina, General Director, Insight People
Tinatin Kandelaki, Deputy Director General, Gazprom-Media Holding; Managing Director, Gazprom-Media Entertainment Television
Yury Kiselev, Pop Singer; Member of the Board of Directors, Russian Media Group
Karina Kross, Blogger
Danila Ovcharov, General Director, YAPPY