Urban Hub

Construction Technologies: Quality, Safety, and Efficiency

14 Jun , 14:30–15:30
Panel discussion
Passage, Roscongress Urban Hub

The construction industry is the locomotive of the Russian economy. The economy of cities, regions, and the country as a whole depends on its pace of development and investment appeal. What kind of conditions are developers working in today? To what extent have they managed to rebuild logistics, technologies, and the pool of product and solution suppliers taking into account the new working conditions? What decisions can be regarded as successful, and what challenges still need to be overcome? What resources (financial, personnel, and administrative) can we rely on today? How are things going today on the path towards creating quality standards and environmental protection?

Ignat Bushukhin, Editor-in-Chief, RBC Real Estate

Виталий Богаченко, Директор по корпоративным отношениям и устойчивому развитию Цементум
Андрей Иваненко, Управляющий партнер, Самолет Москва
Aleksandr Ruchyev, Председатель Совета директоров, Президент Группы Компаний «Основа»
Vasily Selivanov, Chief Executive Officer, LEGENDA Intelligent Development