Urban Hub

Digitalization of the Construction Industry. The Economic Angle

15 Jun , 17:00–18:00
Panel discussion
Passage, Roscongress Urban Hub

The digitalization of the construction industry is one of the main focuses of the Strategy for the Development of the Construction Industry and Housing and Utility Services, which the government is currently implementing.
The introduction of digital solutions will help boost the productivity of construction, ensure the transparency of information about sites, convert the entire document flow into a legally significant digital form, and create a unified space for interaction among all parties involved in construction.
- What does the digital maturity of a developer mean in general?
- How much does digitalization cost and what return on investment can be expected?
- Can domestic developments replace their foreign counterparts?
- Examples of successful and unsuccessful cases

Алексей Нестеров, Директор по ERP-решениям, фирма 1 "С"

Андрей Иваненко, Управляющий партнер, Самолет Москва
Pavel Seleznev, General Director, Public-Private Partnership Development Center
Nikita Filippov, Адвокат, заведующий МГКА “Бюро адвокатов “Де-юре”