Urban Hub

The City of Tomorrow. Changes in Urban Planning amidst the Development of New Technologies

16 Jun , 12:30–13:30
Panel discussion
Passage, Roscongress Urban Hub

Urban architecture has taken shape over the course of centuries, yet historical centres inevitably face the problem of integrating closed industrial zones, outdated infrastructure, and former suburbs that end up in the very centre of a growing metropolis.
Modern urban studies contain numerous examples of the successful transformations of urban master plans and the creation of striking architectural solutions to start a new life in historical centres.
What government support measures for developers and investors are the most effective for large-scale transformations of cities? What is preventing all the rust belts surrounding Russian cities from being transformed into modern neighbourhoods with new downtown areas to attract people? What is the government doing today to attract and stimulate investment in the centres of megacities? What challenges do developers face today in terms of creating new public spaces? How can we make the economics of transforming urban historical centres profitable for the country, the city, investors, and people?

Ignat Bushukhin, Editor-in-Chief, RBC Real Estate

Gaidukov Alexander, Президент группы компаний «Страна Девелопмент»
Yulia Zubarik, Bureau founder «MASTER’S PLAN»
Ivan Polandov, General Director, PIK SZ
Nikita Stasishin, Deputy Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation
Anton Finogenov, Director of Urban Environment Development, DOM.RF