FAQ - Accessing the Forum venue

To access the Forum venue, as well as cultural and sporting programme event locations, a participant must have an accreditation badge.

In order to avoid any inconvenience when accessing the venue, participants are advised to leave any items prohibited from the SPIEF venue at their accommodation or in their vehicle.

A full list of prohibited items will be published on the website nearer the time of the Forum.

The badge is a pre-programmed proximity card, a unique key linked to the participant’s information in the Forum’s database. The badge includes data on the holder’s name and surname (in English), organization, level of access, and photograph, as well as the Forum logo.

The badge is personalized and may not be transferred to third parties. Participants should keep their badges and identity documents with them at all times while at the Forum venue.

Before collecting your badge, please make sure that:


You can check whether your accreditation badge is ready for collection in the personal web office, via Roscongress Foundation specialist, or by calling the Forum information centre:

 +7 (812) 680 0000

A participant badge can only be collected upon presentation of the ID (passport) indicated in the personal web office on the Forum website.

If there have been any changes to a participant’s ID since their application was submitted, the participant should make the necessary changes to the data indicated in the personal web office.

If changes need to be made to fields that cannot be edited, the Roscongress Foundation specialist should be notified.

When issuing badges, the accreditation point attendant will first make sure that the information entered during application is correct and up to date. In the event of any discrepancies, it will not be possible to issue a badge the same day.

If an authorized representative will be collecting a badge by power of attorney, they will need to present the following:

Badge by proxy_en (1).png

* A power of attorney form and an example of how to complete it will be available for download from the Collecting a Badge section of the official Forum website nearer the time of the Forum.

** Passport copies will be returned once the badges have been issued.

Participants can collect their badges at one of the accreditation points.

Locations of accreditation points and hours of operation will be published in the Collecting a Badge section of the official website nearer the time of the Forum.

If your accreditation badge is lost or damaged, please go to the Help Desk or any accreditation point immediately. The lost badge will then be blocked and a replacement badge will be issued to the holder upon written request.