Contractor Accreditation

Staff and driver accreditation

The personal web office is a section of the official Forum website that has been personalized for your contracting organization. By visiting the web office, you can register staff, vehicles, and drivers for the setup/dismantling and Forum periods, upload the photographs of staff and drivers receiving accreditation for the Forum period, print powers of attorney and their accompanying lists for the collection of badges, temporary passes, and vehicle passes, and print the delivery notes that are required to leave the territory during the dismantling period.

You must enter a login and password to access the personal web office.

After determining quotas and inputting information about your organization into the database, your organization will be assigned a Technical Staff and Transport Accreditation Department manager, who will send you your personal web office login and password information by email.

Photographs of staff and drivers seeking accreditation for the Forum period should be uploaded to the personal web office in their respective sections. 

Photo requirements:

  • dimensions: 480 x 640 pixels;
  • in colour and on a white background, suitable for documents;
  • jpg or jpeg format;
  • subject must be facing the camera, no hat or head covering;
  • subject’s face must occupy at least 70% of the image.

Vehicle accreditation

No, unaccredited personal vehicles can only go as far as the Central Forum Venue.

Applications for the accreditation of vehicles and drivers can be submitted through the personal web office. Applications can be submitted in the sections ‘Vehicles and Drivers for the Forum Period,’ ‘Vehicles for the Setup/Dismantling Period,’ and ‘Drivers for the Setup/Dismantling Period’ from 1 March to 24 April 2020. Please note that if a driver has been registered and been accredited as a staff member, they do not have to be entered into the driver accreditation list a second time – simply select that driver from the list of registered staff.

Transport passes are issued based on the submission of a document confirming the need for the vehicle to enter the venue.

No more than two driver accreditation applications can be submitted during the accreditation of one vehicle.

There is no limit on the number of vehicle accreditation applications that can be submitted for the setup/dismantling period.

Vehicles and drivers are not interlinked when driver and vehicle applications are being submitted for the setup/dismantling period.

Yes, trailer accreditation applications can be submitted in ‘Vehicles and Drivers for the Forum Period’ and ‘Vehicles for the Setup/Dismantling Period’ sections of the personal web office. In the registration form, select the make of the transport vehicle, the model of the trailer, the ‘Trailer’ license plate type, enter all necessary data, and save the form.

Issue of badges and passes

Before collecting a package of badges and passes, please ensure that:

  1. all of the organization’s staff, vehicles, and drivers that will be located at the Central Venue during the Forum and setup/dismantling period for work-related reasons have been registered in your personal web office;
  2. in the ‘Export Data’ section, check that all of the data entered for your staff and drivers matches their passport data exactly;
  3. the data of all organization staff, vehicles, and drivers have been processed and that this is reflected in the personal web office in the ‘Data Status’ field;
  4. all of the photographs of staff and drivers for the Forum period have been uploaded to the personal web office.

When collecting badges and temporary passes with a power of attorney, you will be asked to present copies of the passports of all staff and drivers awaiting accreditation according to the list appended to the power of attorney.

If any discrepancies between the entered data and passport data are found, the data must be revised and the new information must undergo additional processing (at least 3 working days) before the badge can be issued.

No. Temporary passes for the setup/dismantling period and staff and driver badges and transport passes for the Forum period are issued in a single accreditation package (AP) to a designated individual upon presentation of their passport, power(s) of attorney, and accompanying lists.

Regulations for bringing in and removing valuables during the setup/dismantling period

To drive into the Central Forum Venue during the setup/dismantling period, you must have the following items on your person:

  • transport pass;
  • driver badge or pass.

Vehicles are prohibited from parking at the Central Forum Venue. Only loading and unloading are permitted.

An act is required to accept and return equipment.

In order to leave the Central Forum Venue, you are required to have a completed delivery note (a separate note for each vehicle carrying cargo) listing the equipment you are intending to remove. The note must be completed in triplicate and each of those copies must be signed by a Roscongress Foundation department head, the pavilion/venue administrator and the organization staff member removing the equipment (‘delivered/received’). Please note that each pavilion/venue requires a separate delivery note, even if there are fewer vehicles transporting the cargo than there are pavilions/venues visited.

  1. The first copy of the delivery note is handed to the pavilion/venue administrator granting permission to exit.
  2. The second copy is kept by the driver.
  3. The third copy is handed off at the checkpoint.

If necessary, the contractor must allow the vehicle to be inspected at the checkpoint.


If you have any questions related to organization staff, vehicle, and driver accreditation, please call the Technical Staff and Transport Accreditation Department at: +7 (812) 408 0013.